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Comes the next generation of VPN with Zero-Trust access!


The services VPN are increasingly used nowadays. However, their use as a remote solution access it has some weaknesses.

One of the most important issues related to safety. The users, connected via VPN, gain access to the whole internal corporate network. This enables them to do anything, even to install malware.

Why are VPNs causing problems now, and not in the past?

The answer is simple. In the past, they were not used for remote access to servers ή applications. In addition, the remote access functionality of traditional VPNs has not been able to keep up with the evolution of technology.

Changing VPNs

VPN networks are many significantly because they give the user access to data and applications of the business and generally anything in the private data center or IT infrastructure. In addition, VPNs facilitate site-to-site connection remote data centers with business network.

Traditional VPNs have weaknesses and so they cannot respond to today's in cloud-centric environment. The hybrid cloud environment of our time requires the introduction of new generation VPN solutions.

Whether we are talking about Software-as-a-Service solutions or Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) providers (Azure and AWS), they need cloud-optimized VPNs for secure connectivity and site-to -site connection between data center and clouds.

Technology is constantly evolving and so one has been introduced new solution, with the name Software Defined Perimeter (SDP), which is designed to meet the new age, characterized by applications for cell phones and cloud applications.

SDP solutions can be very useful. However, some SDP systems are more integrated than others. Others face more and other less business requirements.

A key feature of SDP systems is the so-called "Zero-trust" network access. This means that users will must have permission to access applications and only those needed to perform their various tasks. This is a significant difference over traditional VPNs. Everything, except the links defined by the administrator, remain invisible. Thus, network resources are secure.

Good or bad, more data protection is needed today. According investigations, today a large percentage of employees (70%) work remotely. If not always, at least sometimes they are forced to do their work outside the office, in hotels or airports, in places that do not offer the greatest security.

The bad thing about traditional VPNs is that they provide access to many employees, whether they are affiliates or customersOr employees the company's. However, if we want to have secure data, all these groups of people should not have access to all areas of the network, but only those that are needed for their work. The "zero-trust" approach ensures that network resources are not unnecessarily exposed to many people and are therefore not vulnerable.

Of course, VPNs are not going to be replaced soon and neither should they. VPNs are still very useful and necessary for them businesses. They may now have more problems than in the past, but they cannot simply disappear.

SDP servers will act as the next generation VPN. SDP is one cloud-native platform and reap the benefits of multiple applications. It can reduce complexity as well as overheads.

Thanks to the "zero-trust" approach, businesses will have more security, which is essential nowadays.


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