HomesecurityThe company behind the PDF Foxit reader fell victim to a hacking attack

The company behind the PDF Foxit reader fell victim to a hacking attack

FoxitThe company behind it application PDF Foxit reader, Foxit Software, announced that it fell victim hacking. The hackers managed to breach the company's servers and gain access to customer information her.

The incident was reported by a Foxit customer who made a copy of it e-mail, which the company sent to all of them users affected by the breach. In the email, Foxit asked users to change their passwords.


In addition, the email informed users that the infringement influenced it website Foxit and gave hackers access to information stored in the "My account".

Through Foxit accounts, users can have access in demo software, to download products and more.

The data that hackers gained access to are: email addresses, passwords, real names, phone numbers, company names and IP addresses from which users logged in accounts their.

It is not known whether Foxit has protected customers' passwords through "hashing and salting»Procedure.

If the passwords were available in plain text, the attackers could use them to access user accounts on other sites. It is known that many people use the same passwords in different accounts.

No information about when was it done attack. It may be recent but it could have happened years ago. The only sure thing is that it was recently discovered.

The company said the hackers failed to gain access to finance information of users. He also announced that he has hired a company to conduct the investigation, and has informed the authorities and the data protection department.

(Note here that Foxit Software should not be confused with Fox-IT. Fox-IT is another cyber-security company that just has a similar name).

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