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Home security Google: Hackers have been monitoring iPhone devices for years

Google: Hackers have been monitoring iPhone devices for years

The researchers of the Google security team, they discovered something unprecedented. According to a series of surveys they conducted, hackers were able to track mobile iPhones.

But let's see what happened from the beginning. A group of hackers used some sites that had been infected before, to introduce malware on mobile iPhones that would go to these sites. There, they needed nothing more, just a simple visit of the victim to the page was enough. Many times, some of the hacker's moves could even affect an updated cellphone. This business lasted two and a half years.


What happened now, when they introduced malware into the cell of the prospective victim? All user details and secrets were exposed. The exact location of the user, all his passwords, conversations from popular chat apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and iMessage, but also its database gmail their.

The only positive was that at each reboot, the memory was cleared until the user re-visited one of the "teased" sites and started the vicious cycle. However, according to a Google security researcher, hackers can maintain access to various accounts and services even when they lose access to the device itself.

Project Zero is a group of Google white-hat hackers who are looking for security vulnerabilities in technology. It is characterized by its most relentless approach, since 90 days after the virus was pointed at the victim, all details are publicly exposed, whether or not the problem has been corrected.


According to Google researchers, only iPhone users, and not just mobile users, can understand that such mass attacks happen and will continue to happen. That is why they have to realize that while mobile is an integral part of everybody's everyday life, it is still a device that can be exploited if someone is to expose their personal data.


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