HomesecurityFormer Amazon employee stole cryptojacking Capital One!

Former Amazon employee stole cryptojacking Capital One!

A few months ago, there was a scandal involving, inter alia, the US bank Capital One. A former employee of her Amazon, Paige Thompson, was accused of gaining unauthorized access to the in cloud Capital One servers.

Thompson is already in custody and charged with fraud and abuse last Wednesday. The court is expected on September 5.

Capital One


The infringement of Capital One's cloud servers took place in March on 2019. At that time, Thompson stole data by mechanisms and services, including a public service USA and a public university research center. All the victims have in common are that they were customers of a cloud company.

In order to gain access to the firewalls of victims, he created software that searched for any of its vulnerabilities. firewall.

The new information we have from Thompson's case is that he has been able to gain much more from the assets and financial details of Capital One's 106 million customers. The case file states that he was using the cloud servers and the bank and other companies to steal cryptocurrency, also known as cryptojacking.

Capital One

Of course, the exact amount of cryptocurrency he stole is not known at this time. The irony of the matter is that in the past, Thompson herself was proud of her cryptojacking skills, but probably no one paid any attention.

The former Amazon employee's brazenness didn't stop there. Many times using a nickname, she said that if she found and could transfer her cryptojacking "empire" to a partner she could stop.

Just last July, somebody, unknown to date, informed Capital One about infringement data. The fact is that if found guilty, he could serve up to 25 years in prison.

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