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HackerOne: 6 hackers have become millionaires through bug bounty!

HackerOne, is a co-ordination platform that connects businesses with cybersecurity researchers. It's one of the first Companies who began to accept and exploit them security researchers. Since July of 2018, the HackerOne network has been comprised of approximately 200.000 researchers, has resolved 72.000 vulnerabilities in more than 1.000 client programs, and has paid 31 millions in loans.


Last March, the platform announced that 2 of its members have earned more than $ 1 million through their participation in the platform's bug bounty programs. Recently announced that 4 more hackers they have become millionaires thanks to their participation in the same bug bounty programs.

The first white-hat hacker to earn more than $ 1 million through such programs is called Santiago Lopez. For the story Lopez is 19 years old and his nickname online is "@try_to_hack". It's in the HackerOne team from 2015 and has discovered thousands vulnerabilities through the platform for services such as Twitter.

The second white-hat hacker That earned 1 millions of dollars in this way is Mark Litchfield, nicknamed "@mlitchfield". Litchfield has helped big companies like dropbox, Starbucks and Shopify.

HackerOne has also announced other white-hat hackers. Nathaniel Wakelam “@nwakelam” from Australia, Frans Rosen from Sweden, Ron Chan from Hong Kong and Tommy DeVoss from USA.


The importance of the bug bounty program is confirmed by the fact that six of North America's top ten banks are partnering with HackerOne.

Studies of the bug bounty have shown that 25% of the vulnerabilities that were fixed last year were of a high severity, which increased payments.

During the past year, security researchers reporting vulnerabilities through the HackerOne platform earned a total of $ 21 million. In fact we are talking about an increase of 10 million dollars compared to the previous year.

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