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New malware appears as a trading application and deceives users

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There is a way to control and limit data usage!


There are now infinite packages of data that you can use, and most of them are advertised as unlimited. Of course no one is unlimited in practice, but if you do not know it, you learn it in the worst way. That is, paying extra for exceeding your data.

However, it is always wise to keep an eye on the flow of data so you can be sure you have not exceeded your limits but also to review when you need the current data pack.

And it may not always be overwhelming, but at some point you may be surprised. If you want to not find yourself or to be in this unfortunate time again, this article might be useful.

Then we will see instructions for Android cell phones. The steps vary depending on the manufacturer, model, and operating system.

We start by setting it up mobile to let you know when you are approaching your data limit. For more safety, you can set a specific threshold beyond which you will not be able to use any data with device you.

  • Settings
  • Network & internet
  • Data usage
  • Date warning & limit
  • Then select App data usage cycle.


The monitoring will be monthly and there you will basically set when this process starts.

  • Select Set data warning, so you can get notified when you overrun for example 2 or 3 or whatever you want in GB.

Stay on this page if you want to set a data limit. By choosing Set data limit, your data will be completely shut down when you exceed this limit.

If your device is Android 8.0 or later version, your mobile has a data saving feature. This is activated when you do not have one Wi-Fi.

  • Settings.
  • Network & internet.
  • Data usage.
  • Finally select Use Data Saver.


There is a specific case application for example, you want to use data even when you've enabled saving.

  • Go to the page again Data Saver.
  • Unrestricted data.

There you will find a list of them all apps that you have on your mobile. Choose what you want.

If in spite of what you have said, you want more detailed control of your data, you can look for the right app for you. Some of the best known are the Datally and My Data Manager.

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  1. AvatarName No I have says

    Unless Vodafone is mobile…. that even with closed data ... network dropped to 2G ... and limit to 0 manages to eat your card with style messages ... made use of internet .... we charge you 2 euros because you were out of bounds !!!!!
    And if you tell them anything ... they make you crazy !!!!
    And tell them ... but I want the number ONLY for talking .. not for the Internet ... as I have another number for the Internet ... and trying to put you on an elephant and you don't know what is going on !!!!

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