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Home security Cryptocurrency mining botnet found with over 850.000 victims in 100 countries!

Cryptocurrency mining botnet found with over 850.000 victims in 100 countries!

The French authorities say they have closed a cryptocurrency mining botnet which had infected more than 850.000 computers in 100 countries.

The "cybergendarmes" of France or otherwise the C3N digital crime-fighting center have been warned of the possibility of a server based in Paris who has distributed a virus called Retadup, according to BBC. It is believed that the virus has managed to infect hundreds of thousands of computers based on it Windows around the world. Central and South America were reportedly the main target.


After a system is infected, the hackers were able to take control and install cryptocurrency mining programs. The report states that hackers used the virus to "create the cryptocurrency Monero". Malicious users installed XMRig or a similar program to secretly remove coins on their own without the system owner knowing.

Information also refers to use ransomware for stealing money from victims. In most cases, hackers will use ransomware to ask for other passwords such as Bitcoin. Authorities have not revealed how much money they have been able to harvest by spreading the virus, but the French authorities believe the people involved have managed to earn millions of euros.

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C3N chief Jean-Dominique Nollet told France Inter Radio that authorities were able to shut down the botnet and stop its malicious activity.

"Basically, we were able to find where he was command server, the control tower of the infected computer network, the botnet. It was copied, replicated with our own server and allowed the virus to act as it would on a victim's system, "he said.

C3N will continue to run the mirrored server so that all newly infected infected computers can still be repaired.

Although the authorities have been able to disassemble the botnet, they have not yet identified them.

Despite the decline in the value of many cryptocurrencies, in the last period, the hackers are still interested in cryptocurrency mining.


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