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The first Javascript libraries advertising system is a fact!

The Standard is a JavaScript style guide and linter that performs automatic repairs code. Recently, it implemented what appears to be the first advertising system in Javascript libraries.


As early as last week, when developers do install library via npm JavaScript package manager, receive an ad on their terminal. The advertisements appearing there depend on the new project called Funding, which is being developed by Standard developers. The Funding library was in the version of Standard 14.0.0, released last week.

The plan behind Funding is that companies buy ad space at their terminals and the profits are shared between Funding and the open-source projects registered for those ads.

As expected, this idea generated reactions and controversy in the development area. On the one hand there are those who consider this idea a good way to raise funds for projects that are in financial difficulties. But there is also the other side, which does not hide its deep disappointment with terminal ads.

For the time being, only the Standard Library displays ads, but it is expected as time goes on project to become more widespread.


Funding seems to have passed the boundaries for some developers who do not want to receive ads for any reason. Indeed, some of the developers put pressure on Linode, one of the original Companies who signed the Funding plan and the company eventually decided to quit in order not to face an ever-increasing stream of negative feedback.

The developers' dissatisfaction does not stop there. In order to escape the ads, they have already created the first ad blocker for such environments.

The conclusion to be drawn from all this is that such projects probably do not meet the needs of developers and that they certainly do not like ads for wherever they are intended.


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