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TOP 4 Joomla Backup Extensions to Save Your Website!

Have you ever heard the phrase prevention instead of cure? It is time to connect this otherwise salvific view with its functions computer your. It's good to know the best Joomla Backup Extnensions and get one before you actually need it!

As is often the case, it is much easier to prevent a problem than to solve it. The consequences are usually such that they make it extremely difficult to repair them completely. With this in mind, Joomla's Backup Extensions can be extremely useful in the event of a crash or crash. website your. Often problems that are avoided with backups are the following.

  • In case hackers attack your site.
  • Or even when something is wrong with them updates you did.
  • When you or your site author is harmed.
  1. Akeeba Backup


We start Akeeba Backup. It is one of Joomla's most popular Backup Extensions and is open code. It creates a full backup of your website in a single file. Only the archives you, or only your database, can back up. The disadvantage is that its support is paid and that the cost is usually increased.

  1. LazyDbBackup


LazyDbBackup is one of Joomla's Backup Extensions that backs up and emails. They are then stored in a specific folder from which it can be made download for free when needed. It is a multilingual backup extension available in French, English, German, Italian and Spanish. Still it's free to download. The downside of LazyDbBackup is that it only works with MySQL databases.

  1. Easy Joomla Backup


It got its name from the fact that it stores your files in a simple other old way. It stores it in a backup zip file and from there you can fully retrieve the data on your website at any time. The downside is that it does not have an automated recovery process.

  1. DataSafe Pro


A backup of DataSafe Pro contains all of its information database so if you need it just select a backup and restore it using interface of DataSafe Pro. It offers automatic correction and optimization to maintain perfect performance. In addition, any backups are immediately emailed to you and stored online. It creates a snapshot of the complete Joomla database and allows you to quickly retrieve your content. The downside of DataSafe Pro is that it does not back up other files.


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