HomesecurityWhy doesn't the CIA monitor the United Arab Emirates?

Why doesn't the CIA monitor the United Arab Emirates?

The United Arab Emirates is funding the military leader in an effort to overthrow a UN-recognized government in Libya. This is helping to create a coalition of nations that will economically exclude Qatar, despite US calls for a settlement. In fact, he offered former US NSA (National Security Service) executives as an elite hackers to spy on a program that included Americans as surveillance targets, he discovered a Reuters survey. And yet, as a highly unusual practice, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) does not spy on the United Arab Emirates government, three former CIA officials who knew about the issue told Reuters, creating what some critics have said. call a dangerous blind spot in US information.


The CIA's attitude is not new. What has changed is the nature of the tiny but powerful intervention of the OPEC nation (Oil Exporters Organization) nationwide Μέση Ανατολή and Africa - waging war, conducting covert operations and using their financial influence to reshape regional policy in ways that often run counter to US interests, according to sources and foreign policy experts.

The CIA's failure to adapt to the UAE's growing military and political ambitions is tantamount to "omission," said a fourth former CIA official.

The Community Intelligence Service does not completely ignore the United Arab Emirates. Another branch, the National Security Agency (NSA) conducts electronic surveillance - a type of lower risk and lower reward for collecting information - in United Arab Emirates, told Reuters two sources with knowledge of NSA activities. And the CIA cooperates with the UAE intelligence in a "liaison" relationship that involves exchanging information on common enemies, such as Iran or Al Qaeda.

But the CIA does not gather "human intelligence" - the most valuable and hard-to-obtain information - from UAE informants about its authoritarian government, the three former CIA officials told Reuters.

The CIA, NSA and White House declined to comment on US spying practices in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE Foreign Ministry and the US Embassy did not respond to requests for comment.

The US CIA practice - which has not been reported in the media in the past - places the UAE on a very small list of other countries where the agency takes a similar approach, according to former intelligence officials. They include the other four members of an information coalition called The Five Eyes: Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canada.

CIA spies bring human intelligence to virtually every other nation where the United States has significant interests, including some key allies, according to four former CIA officials.

The closest rival to the United Arab Emirates may be Saudi Arabia - another powerful US ally in the Middle East that produces oil and buys American weapons. In contrast to the UAE, the Saudi Arabia is often a target of the CIA, according to two former CIA officials. Saudi agents have caught many CIA agents trying to hire Saudi officials as whistleblowers, sources said.

Saudi intelligence services do not publicly complain about the CIA's espionage efforts, but meet privately with the head of the agency's station at Riyadh to urge CIA officials involved to leave the country quietly, said a former intelligence officer of a Persian Gulf nation.

Robert Bayer, a former CIA agent and columnist, described the lack of human intelligence for the United Arab Emirates as a failure when he learned from Reuters. Their policy makers USA reported that they needed the best available information on the domestic political and domestic violence of Middle Eastern monarchs. "If you are proud to be a global service, I would describe it as a failure," he said. "Royal families are crucial."

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