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Home security 230,000 users became malware target in the second quarter of 2019

230,000 users became malware target in the second quarter of 2019

More than 230.000 users were targeted for malware infection attempts in the second quarter of 2019, according to 2's Kaspersky IT Threat Evolution Q2019 report.


The exact number of unique users targeted is 232.292, that is, 46% more than a year ago, 2's 2018 quarter. The countries with the largest user shares were Bangladesh (9%), Uzbekistan (6%) and Mozambique (4%).

Evidence has shown that efforts to monetize online access to money bank accounts were recorded on 228.206 user computers (6% increase in 2 2019 quarter compared to 2 2018 quarter).

Attacks Ransomware were found to be the most widespread. Ransomware is one type malware designed to prohibit access to a system or computer data until ransom is paid to hacker. The one most frequently attacked by users in the 2 quarter of 2019 seems to be the WannaCry (23,4%). Another major intruder was GandCrab (13,8%).

"The GandCrab case is a good illustration of how effective ransomware can be, with the creators stopping their malicious activity after claiming to raise a huge amount of money by extorting money from their victims," ​​said Fedor Sinitsyn, a researcher. its security Kaspersky. “We expect new players to replace it GandCrab and encourage everyone to protect their devices by regularly installing software updates and choosing a reliable security solution. "

Her researchers Kaspersky detected 16.017 new ransomware modifications in 2 2019 quarter - including those belonging to eight new families malware, the report said. The rise of malicious changes and the emergence of new families is a dangerous sign that criminal activity is intensifying as new versions of malware emerge, the report added.


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