1,300 Harbor cloud storage vulnerable to attack: Update immediately!

1,300 Harbor cloud storage vulnerable to attack: Update immediately!

Researchers from Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 have discovered a critical vulnerability in a popular open source cloud system.
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TOP virus scan to safely scan a suspicious email attachment

Normally we all have antivirus software that resides on our computers to protect data files from malicious ...
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WannaCry ransomware continues to invade computers

The infamous WannaCry ransomware that became known in May on 2017 continues to invade computers. Findings are coming today ...
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Albanian gangs use cryptocurrencies for money laundering

UK police are particularly concerned as 'famous' Albanian gangs, involved in cocaine circuits, are now using ...
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Germany's digital frontier for cyberattacks!

Germany is in the process of developing a new cybersecurity strategy that will introduce digital borders in the event of a particularly aggressive cyberattack.
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Check your data with the Off-Facebook activity feature


After all the data breach incidents that hit Facebook in recent months, the need to control data it has become very imperative for us. For this reason, the popular social media has decided to launch a new highly useful feature.

Off-Facebook activity mode

The new Off-Facebook Activity feature lets you know and control when your data is shared with others applications and sites to feed targeted ads.

The data is shared by Facebook with the help of business tools such as Facebook Pixel and Facebook Login.

In addition to checking, you can also clear all your information and still ensure that it remains turned off by Facebook and third-party applications.

How to use the Off-Facebook Activity feature?

To use the new Off-Facebook Activity feature, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Click on menu in the Facebook app.
  • Select 'Settings and Privacy"Scroll down and select the option"Settings«.
  • After that, scroll down to the 'Your information on Facebook'. That's where the Off-Facebook Activity is, below the Log Activity.
  • Once you click on the new option, you can find a summary of your data even if you click on the option Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity, you can use the feature further.
  • You can remove the data by clicking "Delete History » and use the feature further by tapping "More options".

The new Off-Facebook Activity feature will tell you what information third-party applications have access to and how they share it via Facebook.

After you delete your data, Facebook will not be aware of your activities and will not be able to present you advertisements from various companies.

While it could cause problems in Facebook's relationships with the various businesses it collaborates with, it can restore the trust of Facebook users of towards it.

Of course the feature is not as perfect as we would like. As it says Facebook itself: "Attempting to delete information from many different databases would take time and may not work reliably."

In essence, when you use the Off-Facebook Activity feature, Facebook simply disconnects your account from the third-party information it has collected.

This feature could potentially cause some technical issues for Facebook. Also, for a company based on advertising revenue, deleting such data can have a negative impact on its financial health.

The Off-Facebook Activity feature is currently available to users in Ireland, South Korea and Spain. The feature will be released to all users in a few months.

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