1,300 Harbor cloud storage vulnerable to attack: Update immediately!

1,300 Harbor cloud storage vulnerable to attack: Update immediately!

Researchers from Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 have discovered a critical vulnerability in a popular open source cloud system.
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TOP virus scan to safely scan a suspicious email attachment

Normally we all have antivirus software that resides on our computers to protect data files from malicious ...
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WannaCry ransomware continues to invade computers

The infamous WannaCry ransomware that became known in May on 2017 continues to invade computers. Findings are coming today ...
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Albanian gangs use cryptocurrencies for money laundering

UK police are particularly concerned as 'famous' Albanian gangs, involved in cocaine circuits, are now using ...
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Germany's digital frontier for cyberattacks!

Germany is in the process of developing a new cybersecurity strategy that will introduce digital borders in the event of a particularly aggressive cyberattack.
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20 cities in Texas were hit by a coordinated ransomware attack

Twenty Texas local governments have been hit by a coordinated ransomware attack, the State Department of Information Resources (DIR) announced Friday.


"Currently, the DIR, the Texas Military Department, and the teams at Cyberresponse and Texas A&M University's Security Center Operations Center are deploying resources for the most critical laws," the department said in a press release. "Other resources will be used as requested."

Ransomware attacks are very often used by them hacker, and is a preferred method, especially among municipal actors. Digital intruders plant malicious code - often taking advantage of relatively simple and outdated online defense methods.

Users are then asked to pay, usually to Bitcoin, to regain access to their systems. Bitcoin is a currency blockchain which is almost impossible to detect, allowing hackers to get paid to remove these complex settings from anywhere in the world.

The amount of hackers demanded by Texas officials has not been disclosed and what systems is offline today.

Η Baltimore was the victim of the highest profile ransomware attack on 2019. As is the case with such cases, it is often cheaper to pay for ransom. But the city eventually decided to spend about 18 million dollars. The hacker was only asking for $ 76.000 in Bitcoin, but FBI advised Baltimore not to pay ransom.

In the autumn, then-Minister of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen held a summit on cybersecurity in New York, calling for the dangers of digital attacks.

At the meeting he announced the creation of the National Risk Management Center, which will serve as a business contact point.

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