Hacker invaded Wyoming Medical Center

Hacker invaded Wyoming Medical Center

Hackers invaded Wyoming medical center systems forcing a hospital to cancel some surgeries, stop accepting ...
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WeWork's WiFi network is leaking sensitive user information

WeWork WiFi vulnerabilities in the Manhattan-based company building which exposed sensitive company data, ...
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Microsoft: The biggest risk for businesses is cyberattacks

According to a survey by Marsh and Microsoft, the biggest threat to businesses is cyberattacks. Nowadays,...
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How to fix iOS 13 bugs in iPhone Mail app

If you have upgraded to iOS 13, then you may have discovered that the Mail app behaves a bit weird, which is ...
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Check if your folders have malware with Windows Defender!

Windows comes with a free antivirus program, called Windows Defender, that offers continuous protection as well as the ability to ...
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Windows 10 with 9.62 €! The best ally for AMD Ryzen 3000!

Windows 10 with 9.62 € - Your Best Ally for the AMD Ryzen 3000 Series!


There's a new CPU king!

The eternal war between her Intel and I HAVE D it gets more interesting with AMD revealing such a unique one CPU that promises to defeat its competitors! Introduced a few weeks ago, the new processors in the series Ryzen 3000 who have caught the attention of the high-sales public in both Asia and Europe.

According to recent reports by Danawa Research (South Korean Market Data Company) and Mindfactory (German Hardware retailer), the all-new Ryzen 3000 series has already surpassed Intel Core's market share. AMD's new chips secured a market share of 53,36% - more than half of Intel - reaching the highest - in percentage - share of the company in the last 5 years!

I9 Core: AMD's new mainstream CPU promises great things for both Gamers as much as content creators! In particular, it offers an excellent Price-Performance Ratio, superior power efficiency and great overclocking capabilities!

In short, if you want to upgrade it computer and you're looking for a new CPU, this is the right opportunity for you: Low Price, High Performance!

Windows 10 - your best ally for the AMD Ryzen 3000 series!

Most of the time, acquiring a new processor also means we need a new Motherboard. Sometimes, we may even need a new graphics card or memory RAM. And as if not all of the above costs were incurred when installing a new CPU, we should also consider getting a new one operating system for our computer.


It is worth noting that according to recent tests and benchmarks, computers running the latest version of Windows 10 appear to perform better with the new Ryzen 3000 series! However, Windows 10 licenses are generally very expensive. For example, if we purchased Windows 10 Pro directly from microsoft, it will cost you up to 259,00 €!

Fortunately, there are much better solutions at Internet which have already proved to be very reliable and today we are going to present one of our favorites: GoodOffer24!

What is GoodOffer24 and why should you choose it?

Goodoffer24 is an e-commerce platform specializing in the sale of genuine digital keys, including Microsoft Windows 10 Pro / Home, Microsoft Office 2019 / 2016 Software Suites, Xbox One Games, PC Games (PUBG, the TOTAL WAR SAGA etc.), Anti-Virus Software (McAfee and ESET) and much more.

With over ten years of market experience and excellent user feedback, GoodOffer24 continues to expand worldwide!

Windows 10

Offers & Discounts up to 30% OFF on Windows 10 products!

Goodoffer24 is now offering a new summer accent, with amazing prices on Microsoft Software. OR on-line platform already offers a great discount, up to 90% compared to Microsoft's original sale price - but now you can also get EXTRA discount of up to 30% on the already low prices!

25% discount with JGM25 discount coupon for most popular Microsoft software. Here are some of the best deals right now:

30% discount with JGO24OFFICE2019 discount coupon- With Microsoft Office 2019.

Easy to market, easy to pay for!

Shopping at GoodOffer24 is very easy! After ordering, you will receive one email message with the keys to your product - no need to wait days! If you have any questions, Customer Service provides you with fast and comprehensive 24 / 7 support all year long!

Windows 10

In addition, GoodOffer24 guarantees that all licenses are valid - if a problem arises they will solve it without loss for you.

Note: In addition to credit card payments, the PayPal is also available and recommended for extra safety.

All offers and special discounts presented above are limited in time and are valid until stock runs out. So hurry! However, if you do not catch the offer, the Goodoffer24 already offers up to 90% off original sales, so you are always winning. Check and get your own digital keys.

Find out more at: www.GoodOffer24.com

Customer Service Email Address: info@goodoffer24.com

For any questions or clarifications regarding licenses and any issues that may arise, you can contact the GoodOffer Customer Service at the following e-mail address: info@goodoffer24.com in order to be serviced directly by a representative of the company .
It is also noted that it is appropriate to choose Paypal as the preferred method of payment, since it is a cross-border transaction that may be blocked by the bank. In this case, contact your institution / bank to proceed with the payment process.

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