A bug in LastPass leaks site credentials you've visited

A bug in LastPass leaks site credentials you've visited

LastPass password manager released an update last week to fix a security bug that reveals ...
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Oil plants were attacked by drones

Saudi Arabia faced two major attacks on the weekend. Two large oil refineries have been attacked by ...
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NAS devices: Research proves to be vulnerable to cyberattacks!

Obviously, not every machine or device connected to the Internet can be 100% secure. The...
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How to make a career in ethical hacking: Skills and perspectives

Information Technology (IT) is one of the largest and most popular industries of our time, with an ever-expanding ...
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iOS 13: Error allows bypass iPhone / iPad lock screen

Apple's iOS 13 has not yet been released (will be released on September 19) and the first bug has already been detected ...
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European Central Bank hacked!

The European Central Bank (ECB) shut down one of its websites on Thursday after being hacked and infected with malware.

The ECB said sensitive data did not appear to have been leaked during the attack on the Banks' Integrated Reporting Dictionary (BIRD), which it uses to provide bankers with information on how to prepare statistical and supervisory reports.

However, it was added malware on the server hosting the site, adding that the email addresses, names and titles of BIRD newsletter subscribers may have been stolen.


An ECB spokesman added that the first evidence of the attack was found during maintenance work. OR attack dates back to December of 2018, which means it was not detected here and months.

"The ECB communicates with people whose data they may have been affected. "Hacker breach succeeds injecting malware into external server to boost attacks Phishing. "

BIRD, which launched 2015, was shared initiative the Eurosystem's central banks and the Eurosystem's banking system industry. Participation was optional, but its content was made available to all interested parties.

The ECB (ECB / European Central Bank) stated that BIRD is hosted by a third party provider and was separate from any other ECB system.

"Neither the ECB's internal systems were affected either sensitive data", The ECB said.

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