HomesecurityInstantly update anyone with an iPhone device! Critical vulnerability in iMessage!

Instantly update anyone with an iPhone device! Critical vulnerability in iMessage!

Security investigators are asking iPhone users to update it software of their device after discovering vulnerabilities in the iMessage.

Researchers from Project Zero of Google found five vulnerabilities in its mobile messaging software Apple that could endanger the devices.

iPhone Instantly update

One of the vulnerabilities they discovered was so serious that the only way to save the iPhone was to erase all the data contained in the device. Another vulnerability could copy all the files of a device without the user understanding it.

iOS update

Apple is well aware of the severity of the vulnerabilities, which is also noted in its notes on iOS 12.4 emphasizing that if not corrected, they could allow hackers crash an application or execute their own commands even on new generations of iPhones, iPod Touch.

iPhone Instantly update

The company has not commented specifically on the issue, but is urging users to install the latest version of iOS, which contains vulnerability updates as well as additional malfunctions and threats.

It is worth noting that the researchers also noted a sixth vulnerability, the correction of which is not included in its latest update. iOS.

In a statement, Apple stressed the importance of regularly updating the devices, saying:

"Updating your software is one of the most important things you can do to keep your device safe."

If you own any of Apple's mobile products, we recommend that you update them immediately to avoid possible attacks. hacking.