HomesecuritySephora: They risked personal customer information!

Sephora: They risked personal customer information!

Recently, the well-known was attacked company Sephora cosmetics. The company has rushed to inform its customers in the Southeast Asia region that it has discovered a violation that took place in the last two weeks.


Η information was as follows: "We understand how important your personal is information and we appreciate the trust you are showing us to protect them. In the past two weeks, we have discovered a data breach that concerns some customers who have used our online services in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia and the New Zealand. "

According to Sephora, some information may have been exposed to third parties. This information is name, surname, date of birth, sex, e-mail and Password as well as consumer preferences on products etc.

The positive thing is that credit card information has not been violated and that privacy of customers have not been used illegally.


When the attack Sephora hired experts to weigh the situation by conducting research. When they were able to know the details, they informed the customers.

The company proactively canceled all personal passwords accounts customers and re-examined the security systems. They also provide a personal data tracking service, at no cost to those customers who want it.

It is worth mentioning that those who prefer Sephora's natural stores for their purchases and do not use online courses or services Whatsapp company, not affected by the event. The attacked database was only for Sephora of South East Asia, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.


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