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ACCC denounces Google's monopoly on browsers

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) last week submitted a request to Google, which the company avoided answering. The request was asking the famous person browserto effectively put an end to its monopoly and to offer Australian Android users another search engine option, as is the case in Europe.


As stated by ACCC, Google has established itself for many years in the market for search and advertising services. The committee's request was as follows: If the company does not offer options to users Android Australia until 26 January 2020, will be forced to do so by the government.

Last Sunday, Google said on a blog that its advertising platforms help publishers to raise their money online and get extra traffic on their site. In addition, according to the company 2018, more than 2 billions of free clicks were made in Australian sites enhancing subscriptions and advertising revenue.

One of the issues raised by ACCC is the lack of transparency in the markets online of ads, saying it is unclear how Google and Facebook classify and display ads. And that is the lack of transparency that makes it hard for advertisers to understand the factors that affect the visibility of the ad to consumers and to determine whether Google or Facebook favor their own business interests.

In addition, ACCC requires digital platforms to provide codes of conduct governing relations between platforms and business media, the Australian Communications and Multimedia Authority (ACMA).


In relation to fake news, Communications Secretary Michelle Rowland said it is not wise to rely on Google and the Facebook to monitor them, since both are based on revenue from advertisements.

The participation of ACMA will be to ensure that platforms will comply with internal requirements.

Google on its personal blog said it operates on the basis of user privacy protection and stressed that it believes in people's control, selection and transparency. In addition, he pointed out his privacy policy to explain what information collects, and collects them, and how users can control, update, manage, export, and delete their information.

The fact is that if Google does not offer consumers who use Android another search engine option within six months, the ACCC will ask the government to demand it.


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