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GitHub: Blocks developers from countries that do not approve the US

GitHubThe popular one platform GitHub is the home of thousands of developers around the world. Created 11-12 years ago and its goal was to connect millions developers, who will be able to create and share their software more efficiently. The 2018 platform was purchased by Microsoft products, but it still operates independently. However, lately, GitHub has started blocking the entry of developers according to the country they work for.

A Russian developer, named Anatoliy Kashkin and resident in Ukraine, said that account has been banned in the past week.

Kashkin was using GitHub to publish his personal blog and host the GameHub launcher for Linux, which brought the Steam, GOG and Humble Bundle game platforms all together in one place.

He posted a post on 24 in July, saying: "My GitHub account has been banned due to sanctions by the USA, because I live in Crimea. Maybe I won't be able to maintain GameHub in the future. " Along with this post, he also shared a screenshot depicting the message sent to GitHub to let him know.

According to reports, and others users of GitHub, living in the Crimea, have been banned.

The prohibitive, however, is not limited to Ukraine and the wider region. A programmer, Hamed Saeedi, who lives and works at Iran  he told Medium that his GitHub account is also blocked.

However, GitHub has always explained how it treats its users. So, too, in this case, he had stated that: “In order to comply with US trade law, GitHub has recently made some changes to its services of".

However, these limitations do not match the platform's goals and vision to connect developers from around the world. As it seems, the American laws have more importance than the platform's goals.

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