HomesecurityJessica Alba's Twitter account was postponed and filled Nazi tweet

Jessica Alba's Twitter account was postponed and filled Nazi tweet

One of Hollywood's most well-known actresses, Jessica Alba, is on Twitter's trends today because a racist hacker has taken control of account and published some very racist tweets. Late in the evening Saturday and Sunday in the morning, a series of tweets from Jessica Alba's Twitter profile were published, with her fan of warning that her account has been spoiled. The first tweet, which is clearly not published by Alba, said: "Nazi Germany did not err in anything".

As 9 is aware of millions of followers, 38's longtime entrepreneur talks about her brand, The Honest Company, or her upcoming work. Her profile is filled with some updates for her husband Cash Warren, their three children, Haven, Honor and Hayes, as well as some tweets to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other monumental days. Tweets showing racist and fanatical views are clear that they were not made by the mother of the three children.

Alba's fans quickly rushed to fill it timeline with tweets to warn the hacker that the hacker was doing it. Her followers are frustrated that someone could publish these horrible things and that they will do so to Alba, who is "looking at her job".

As one Twitter user points out: "Of all the people they chose to miss Jessica Alba?" All she wanted was to make some bad movies and sell safe and clean beauty products to wake the housewives ... That's like kicking a defenseless puppy. "sweet Jessica Alba just trying to sell biodegradable diapers and vitamins, but they are kicking her !!", commented another.

Many others pointed out that the choice of someone as pure as Jessica Alba defeated the purpose, because everyone understood it immediately. On the other hand, if they had chosen a more controversial one, such as the President United States, Donald Trump, no one would know the difference - at least for a while - and the hacker could catch everyone's eyes. “You literally have the power to check it out anyone ... his twitter <br><br>Donald Trump it would have been more fun and we would have really believed that he posted the tweets himself but you chose JESSICA ALBA 😂😂, ”said one tweet from someone who was not happy with him hacker.

Below you will see some of the most fanatical and hateful tweets posted from Alba's account:


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