Aura Botnet, the Django-based C2 server botnet framework
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Aura Botnet, the Django-based C2 server botnet framework

The Aura Botnet is an excellent portable botnet framework, with a Django-based C2 server. The client is written ...
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New malware appears as a trading application and deceives users

Trend Micro researchers have discovered that a new Mac Trojan is being launched, aimed at stealing user information. The...
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TOP Fake GPS apps to protect your privacy!

Every day most of us use GPS apps for many reasons. From moving in and out of the city, ...
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The most frequently violated passwords are not due to user error

The German computer security firm Avira has released a press release on the least secure passwords for smartphones and devices ...
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Experts recommend using appropriate internet routing tools!

Routers use the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to inform each other of the best possible ways ...
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Can I transfer an old Android app to my new mobile?


Mobile applications are a weird thing. One can install them very easily through Play Store, but it never really seems what files are downloaded to mobile your. In the name of simplicity, then, modern mobile operating systems cover the details behind installing applications and managing their files. Usually this is something positive. Most users mobile phones, are not interested in viewing the applications files or where they are stored. However there are exceptions. For example, when you are purchasing a new phone and you realize that your favorite app is missing from the Play Store anymore.


Don't be disappointed as it operating system Android makes it easy to find and save files installation from an older device to a new one.

What are APKs?

The file that contains an application is called APK (android application package). This is the file you download from the Play Store and it's also the same one you need to find, save, and transfer from an old device to a new one. Be warned at this point that if the app no ​​longer exists in the Play Store, it will not receive updates, and therefore there may be security or compatibility risks with modern Android specifications.

On the old device

  • Download it APK Extractor Pro from the Play Store.
  • Open the app, accept the terms of use, and grant access to your phone's files.
  • Find the application you want to save and tap the icon with the three tones next to it.
  • Select "share" and then select the destination to access from your other phone such as Google Drive or one e-mail to yourself.


On the new device

  • Find the file you sent to your Android by opening the destination you selected in the previous step. Most likely it will have a big name which will usually start with the application name and end in ".apk."
  • Tap the file to open it. At this point, your phone will probably alert you that you are not allowed to install unknown applications.
  • If you have Android 8 or later, click on "settings" next screen you can approve the installation of this application. In earlier versions of Android on the corresponding screen, you can render permission to install unknown applications.
  • Go back and follow the instructions for installing the new application.
  • Once the installation when done, there will be a notification that will allow you to use the application immediately.

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