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“Unable to connect to the network”: Common problem! There is a solution;

"Unable to connect to the network". This sentence definitely reminds you of something. It is the most common problem encountered when trying to insert a SIM card on an Android device. In practice, this happens when the user is attempting a call and the device does not recognize the card SIMs. and the service provider.

Many mistakenly believe that it is due to a problem firmware of each Android. In fact, according to Google the error usually starts with an out-of-date firmware. We will then look at ways in which the problem can be remedied.


  • Restart your device.

For any major error, a simple reboot can also solve the problem. The RAM of smartphones is limited, so when overloaded it hangs and sometimes freezes completely.

  •  Try putting your device in Safe Mode.

Usually, when you run an Android, it all starts loading apps making loading slow. During safe operation, the device starts only with default applications. Of course, to get into this mode your Android needs to restart. When restarting, hold down the button operation until the Safe Mode option appears.

  • Try Flight Mode.

Airplane mode is a standard setting available on Android and smartphones iOS. This setting will turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This Android option is located at the top of the home screen. Click on the plane icon and wait for a few seconds. Then tap the same icon to enable network connections. 

  • Manual Introduction to Settings APN network.

 To enter APN details you must first contact your customer service provider and note the APN settings. Then do the following.

Settings-> Network & Internet-> Mobile Network-> Advanced-> Access Point Names.

Click the + icon here to add the APN settings provided. Then save the options and restart your device. 

  • Clean the SIM slot.

Sometimes a little dust is one of the reasons why the SIM cannot be connected. Clean the slot and the sim itself as well. 


  • Try reinserting your sim card.

Sometimes it is possible that the SIM card is not inserted properly. If it has not touched the base the way it should display a network error message.

  • Select the provider manually.

To select the service provider manually Go to “Settings-> Wireless-> Networks. Click on mobile networks, then go to network operators. Then there is the time when your Android will look for available network services. From all available services select the sim card provider and restart the device. If the problem persists try the above again.

  • Make a software update.

It is probably one of the best solutions for bug fixes on software. Smartphone manufacturers often make bug fixes. Updating your Android to the latest available version may also fix the problem of network inability.

  • Contact your provider.

If you have done all the above steps and the problem persists, it is advisable to contact the provider. This will at least let you know if the problem is general or specific to your SIM. There is a possibility that the card may need to be replaced.

  • Restore factory settings.

 It is definitely your last choice. Factory reset will erase all Android data and settings of your device. If the issue is caused by a software error then it will be resolved by this procedure.


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