HomesecurityAre VPN services vulnerable?

Are VPN services vulnerable?

As Internet evolves, we are becoming more vulnerable to attacks from hackers, governments and businesses that are trying to record our activity. Using a VPN is becoming more and more essential nowadays, as it is the safest way to insure privacy and not become a target of hacking attacks.


However, a lot of people dispute the functionality and effectiveness of VPNs, arguing that these services are vulnerable. This is partly true. There are hundreds of different VPN service providers and therefore the quality of the services is different.

If a VPN service is vulnerable and has security gaps does not mean that the same applies for every single VPN service. Usually most problems appear with free VPN services, which in order to cut costs, they offer lower quality services in relation to paid services. However there are a lot of free secure VPN services -find out the best of them. Generally speaking, there is no perfect software without any security gaps.


Let's analyze some VPN security gaps:

Activity Files Recording

One of VPN’s basic uses is privacy protection on the Internet. Unfortunately, some VPNs can work very efficiently, but they keep its user's activity logs. It is somewhat contradictory, but it does. So, when you are looking for a VPN service, be sure to clearly states that it doesn’t keep records of your activity but only your your basic personal information provided when registering.

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Attacks by hackers on VPN servers

There are cases in which hackers managed to infiltrate and access data to VPN servers. It's something that has even happened to the largest software companies, like Google, IBM, Microsoft, Apple etc.

When a hacker manages to access a VPN system, he can find the IP address you use, and also use it for his own purposes. For example, a hacker can perform an online attack on a website through your own IP and thousands of others.

The biggest and more reliable VPN companies are getting elevated protection measures which means it is clearly more difficult to have an incident in a military-level encryption service. On the other hand, this does not mean that it is impossible.

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Malicious software in mobile applications

VPN services are also available in Mobile Devices. It is easier to integrate a malware which is primarily used for advertising purposes in a mobile’s software.

The same goes for every mobile app and is more likely to happen through free VPN services in an attempt to access your personal information and show you advertisements in order to make some profit.

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So, use a VPN or not?

Usually, internet users are unaware of very important security issues. VPNs are becoming more and more necessary nowadays, and it would be naive to call the useless. There are dangers and vulnerabilities , but the risk is much smaller than not using them at all. In the market you will find many different services with different qualities and usually the price is related to quality.