HomesecurityLouisiana: In Emergency Due to Attack ransomware!

Louisiana: In Emergency Due to Attack ransomware!

LouisianaLouisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said the area is in an emergency, as he was the victim of a series of attacks ransomware. Specifically, ransomware targeted some school communities.

The attacks took place this week and influenced the three-county school communities in Northern Louisiana.

According to local media, networks information technology all three schools are out of order and all archives they have been encrypted from the ransomware, making them inaccessible.

This is not the first time a governor has announced that the state is in a state of emergency due to an ransomware attack or other cyber attack. In February 2018, the Colorado Department of Transportation was forced to suspend operations as it was "hit" by ransomware SamSam. However, in the case of Colorado, additional state resources were activated to address traffic, road management and transportation issues. In the current attack, in Louisiana, help was sought from experts in its field security in cyberspace.

Signing her Emergency Declaration, the governor of Louisiana gives the opportunity to provide state resources to schools that have been affected.

Thus, schools will have security experts from the Louisiana National Guard, the Louisiana Police, the Office of Technology Services, the Office for Homeland Security and Preparation for Emergency (GOHSEP) and other organizations.

State officials believe that with the help of experts, the recovery and recovery process systems it will be faster so schools will be able to continue their work and prepare for the new school year.

Governor Edwards was able to respond quickly and effectively to this attack in the schools of North Louisiana as he had taken care to create a Committee on Cyber ​​Security, so that there is quick and coordinated action in the event of an attack.

The committee was created since December of 2017, when three known ransomware (WannaCry, NotPetya and Bad Rabbit) had caused major problems around the world but also in Louisiana.

"That's why we set up the Security Committee in cyberspace, focusing on preparation, on addressing and preventing cyber attacks, "said Edwards.

The emergency will remain in effect until August 21 or until the process of recovering the affected files and systems is completed.

In recent months, many cities and states of the USA have been targeted by gangs carrying out ransomware attacks.

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