HomesecurityNetflix's documentary reveals the Cambridge Analytica scandal

Netflix's documentary reveals the Cambridge Analytica scandal


His new documentary Netflix, "The Great HackTalks about the interconnections between them Cambridge Analytica, the US and the US elections Brexit.

This particular documentary is the first one we've seen specializing in what really happens in the world of social networks, dark advertising and global politics, which seem to be linked to each other. Documentary is also the first to explain how social media - especially the Facebook - they now handle our lives and our society, whether we like it or not.

The decision of the British referendum to leave the European Union, in fact, became the field of action for a Cambridge Analytica experiment, says Guardian journalist Carole Cadwalladr. He told the story of how political counseling, headed by Alexander Nix, used "psyops" techniques commonly used in Afghanistan, democratic US and UK operations, and many other countries over 20 years. Watching this movie, you literally start wondering if history is distorted to a sick dystopia.

The Brexit experiment worked. As the documentary explains, millions advertisements targeted people, exploited their fear and anger to change their minds, initially in the case of Brexit in the United Kingdom and then in the election of Trump.

The documentary also shows how CA worked directly with Trump's "Project Alamo" campaign, spending $ 2016 million a day on Facebook ads before the XNUMX election.

The film explains the timing of how CA had originally worked out Ted Cruz's campaign, and almost pushed this candidate to the top of the Republican nominees. It was then that the Trump campaign took over the CA military operation.

After uploading the psychological research information that CA had obtained from the University of Cambridge University student, Aleksandr Kogan, who completed the data collection on Facebook, went on to influence public opinion.

In London meanwhile, Cadwalladr noted that fanatical Brexit supporters "twin" with Trump and began to search for it. There is a thread linking them to Breitbart owner Steve Bannon. There is a thread linking them to Cambridge Analytica. She seems to be moving the yarns and is beginning to realize that Cambridge Analytica is the one that connects them all together. But she needs a source of information, which comes in the form of a former CA employee, Chris Wylie, of a brave young man who has managed to reveal many of the secrets of the company.

However, the film's attention is often centered on Brittany Kaiser, a former employee at Cambridge Analytica, who had worked first in the US political campaigns and then in Brexit's CA campaign. But is he really one of those who want to unravel what they are doing? Or was she just trying to cover her traces? How could someone who worked in Obama's campaign work for Trump? Was she a victim of Cambridge Analytica or one of her bad guys?

British political analyst Paul Hilder manages to bring her to the UK to testify in front of a parliamentary group. Her testimony presents many aspects of history and is particularly interesting.

And other characters appear in this movie. THE Zuckerberg appears in Congress and we learn about Facebook's occasional relationship with his complicity in these political struggles.

What you will not learn from this movie is what will happen next. For many, there are questions that remain unanswered: What will happen now that Facebook enters into Cryptocurrency; Does that mean it could be used for a suspicious campaign? Will people be paid for their votes the next time? Kaiser has a logo Bitcoin on the back of her phone. Does this have anything to do with all this? The film does not comment.

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