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What will our online accounts do when we die?

The truth is that we will all die at some point (and here we apologize for such a pleasant subject that we will analyze). It is also true that we will leave behind our loved ones whom we would like to give that staff to remind us. Beyond the materials and love you will definitely leave behind, have you thought about what your digital life is about? Online accounts what will happen? How can you make a "covenant"?

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Now digital security has been upgraded to such an extent that a simple user would never have access to something personal ... unless you do not want to.

So let's look at some steps you can take to ensure that at a critical time (okay we do not necessarily mean death) a loved one can access your devices and accounts without your presence.

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First, create a file containing basic information for you. What do we mean?

The purpose of this document is to tell your loved ones where they will find information about your digital life. It is important that this document does not contain passwords! Without passwords, if someone gets illegal access to the document, they may know where your information is, but they will not be able to steal the passwords. Obviously, even without passwords, this is still sensitive, so you should keep the document safe. A good solution is to save it to DropBox or another storage space at in cloud that you will protect with password.

Then tell your loved ones who can find the file in an emergency time.

What can the file contain?

  1. Where do you find your will?
  2. List of financial institutions where you have accounts
  3. Life insurance, home, car,
  4. List of cloud services that store your data
  5. Information about your devices like which of your computers have useful hard drives data; Who are password protected and where can they find them? Where are they stored? backups;

online accounts are dead

Unify all your secret notes in LastPass (or somewhere else Password manager).

Create a master Password for the password manager and store it in a safe place.

A good and strong choice for him master password is a great and unforgettable phrase that you will reveal to your nearby person.

Additionally you can use it Inactive Account feature offered by Google which will help you pass your account to someone else after your death. The Facebook has something similar to LastPass. It's easy to install and use it.

We hope we have helped you a little and given you some ideas on how to share your data with your loved ones safely… Unless you want online accounts to be hidden forever.