HomesecurityZero-day attacks target mostly old versions of Windows!

Zero-day attacks target mostly old versions of Windows!

Matt Miller, his security engineer Microsoft Security Response Center, said that zero-day attacks are only a few times effective compared to the latest versions of Windows.

zero-day attacks

In the new statistics released a few hours ago, Miller said that of all zero-day attacks made by 2015 to date, only 40% of them managed to do exploit in their latest releases Windows.

In fact, the overwhelming majority of zero-day attacks manages to affect only the older operating systems. So, the users who keep their systems up to date manage to be protected by attacks.

Miller also said that the protection of up-to-date systems is due to the mitigation that has been added by Microsoft last. Still has analyzed the attempts of these attacks between years 2015-2019, since Microsoft released its most powerful paper to date, Windows 10.

zero-day attacks

In one of his most recent speeches at the conference security of BlueHat in Israel last February, Miller shared the statistics he had. These proved that Windows vulnerabilities were more likely to be exploited as zero-day before the company prevent an update be released code or months later, after companies fail to make repairs.

Of course, we can not overlook that, according to recent statistics, the hackers will move to earlier versions of Windows to detect and attack defects.

Miller's partners also announced plans to replace the two major Windows languages, C and C ++ so far, with the Rust programming language. This is because, according to studies, Rust is a security-oriented programming language that reduces memory-related bugs.

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