HomesecurityGoogle buys random human data for just $ 5

Google buys random human data for just $ 5


Η Google is one of the world's largest technology companies and is constantly working on new innovative projects. It employs a huge number of employees who work on these projects. However, it seems that the company asks ordinary people to sell the data person to be able to train the new mobile model he is preparing Pixel 4.

According to one of his columnists ZDNet, Google employees approached his friend, named George, when he was in New York and asked him to enter his face data in a "phone in a very large case".

It is speculated that device used by Google employees to enter the person's friend's face-to-face, was a Pixel 4, and that's how Google is trying to educate AI in its new model.

As George said, Google employees offered him a 5 $ gift voucher for Amazon or Starbucks, to interact for about 5 minutes with the device.

The odd thing is that George was not even interested in reading the document he signed in exchange for his person's data.

When he asked them employees Google, if it was the only team to collect data, said there are more teams in many cities collecting data from random people.

According to XDA developers, George is not the only one to have reported a similar incident. A Redditor named "oheightthirtytwo" also said that Google officials approached him and asked him to enter his face data in exchange for a 5 dollar gift card.

This is a rather unusual practice, as we have never heard of Google doing so before. However, asking random people to give her face data for $ 5 raises concerns about protecting her privacy. We do not know the exact motive behind this Google move but we expect the company to ensure that the data will not be misused in any way.


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