HomesecurityCloud-based hosting provider iNSYNQ fell victim to ransomware

Cloud-based hosting provider iNSYNQ fell victim to ransomware

iNSYNQLast TuesdayThe iNSYNQ, offering virtual desktop environments, fell victim ransomware, causing it to shut down. Η attack- discontinuation took about a week.

The attack was not only affected by iNSYNQ's direct customers, but also those who use the company's infrastructure to use Intuit Quickbooks web applications and services.

Last week, many sites blamed iNSYNQ for the lack of updates and for the unusually long time it took to face the interruption.

Typically, similar holidays to web hosting services last only a few hours or a maximum of one day.

However, in this case, iNSYNQ servers did not work due to attack ransomware, so that problems can not be rectified immediately operation.

After infection, iNSYNQ was forced to disable its infrastructure to prevent the spread of ransomware to other systems.

To recover the affected systems, hundreds have to be reinstalled servers and retrieving copies security.

These processes are time consuming. That's why the company needed 6 days until it completed all remedial procedures. However, customers do not seem to have shown much understanding during this time.


INSYNQ CEO, Elliot Luchansky, revealed that the company fell victim of MegaCortex ransomware, which was discovered in early May.

At that time, Sophos had said that hackers, hiding behind this new ransomware, were targeting large ones businesses and not just consumers.

INSYNQ is perhaps the most important goal of MegaCortex, so far.

Some backups were encrypted

After about a week, the company began to re-offer its customers the opportunity to have access on their virtual desktop desktops.

However, according to the CEO, the recovery procedures were not entirely successful, since some customers still do not have access to some personal archives and account backups.

"While we realized the attack early, the malicious software managed to encrypt some files ”said iNSYNQ CEO. "At the moment we are checking whether they can be recovered."

Encrypted files that may be on your desktop with the extension.megacortex are not available for access.

Most encrypted files were small files and did not include QuickBooks or Sage files.

INSYNQ asks its customers for understanding and patience. “The files and the data it may take time for them to get back into your account, ”said the CEO.

He also suggested that customers who see encrypted files on their desktop should contact their staff for help.

Ransomware attacks on web hosting companies are difficult to handle and require a lot of time.

In May, A2 Hosting, a Windows Server hosting service, also fell victim to ransomware attack. And it took about a week to allow her customers to access the servers. Total recovery procedures were completed after one month.


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