230,000 users became malware target in the second quarter of 2019

230,000 users became malware target in the second quarter of 2019

More than 230.000 users targeted malware infection efforts in the second quarter of 2019, according to ...
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NPP Australia: Notifying Customers of a New PayID Leak

PayID's search function on Australia's new payment platform (NPP) has encountered problems once again. This...
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Man-in-the-middle attacks: What are the most common types?

In a previous article we analyzed exactly what man-in-the-middle attacks are, how they work, how they are carried out and how we can protect ourselves against ...
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Man-in-the-middle attacks: What is and how to protect yourself?

A man-in-the-middle attack presupposes three parts. The victim, the entity with which the victim is trying to communicate ...
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Your keyboard can betray your passwords to hackers

Hackers are able to edit your online passwords only from the sound of your keystrokes, revealed a ...
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Password Alert: 72% of users are recycling passwords!

Password Alert: Users recycle the same password on average four times, according to her report Security.org.

Despite the risk of online attacks in a business, the majority (72%) of people said they still recycles passwords.


Η safety his password is a lasting battle, as technological developments also make progress in targeting strategies personal information. Keeping information protected by password is more important and more difficult than before, leaving them users responsible for taking the appropriate measures.

Typically, large companies take steps to help protect their employees' password, including implementation password managers, compelling employees to regularly change passwords and even replace passwords with safer methods.

Password password

However, the report, which was attended by more than 1.000 users, found that respondents still recycle the same passwords on average four times. About 63% of respondents said they use the same passwords in websites which they use for recreational and professional purposes, including corporate ones accounts their.

Reusing old passwords can easily lead to some kind of cyber-violation called credential stuffing, according to the report, which allows hackers to receive information from a previous violation to gain access to other accounts.


To remember passwords, 68% of users said they usually opted for a password they have already used in the past, which makes them vulnerable in an attack. Those who try to find more complex passwords, however, often end up forgetting them, the report said.

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