HomesecurityOakland: The third US city forbidding face recognition

Oakland: The third US city forbidding face recognition

OaklandThe Oakland California becomes the third city of USA, who decided to forbid them software recognition of a person by the local government services. In particular, the Oakland City Council unanimously voted the ban the use of such technologies and brought to the forefront the issue of monitoring and violating private life.

City officials made an amendment to the Surveillance and Community Safety Order of Oakland, so they were able to make that decision.

The Oakland police had not yet used it technology facial recognition and, apparently, will not do so either in the future.

The President of the Municipal Council, Rebecca Kaplan, supported the Council's decision by stressing that facial recognition software presents many technological limitations, mistakes, and there may be prejudices against minorities.

Studies that have been done have shown that facial recognition systems are often biased towards women and some minority groups. Its software Amazon, for example, has been found with vulnerabilities, which gave the wrong results to recognition. However, it is still used by the authorities.

The use of these technologies by authorities, gives them the ability to watch people, more than ever before.

Apparently, Oakland followed his example San Francisco, which took the same decision in May.

City officials have approved the ban in an effort to protect the privacy of residents.

According to the San Francisco bill, police the US should operate with full transparency and to indicate when and for what reasons to use face recognition applications.

According to the San Francisco Decree, facial recognition technology sets in risk political rights and the political freedoms of people. This means that the disadvantages of technology are more important than its alleged benefits.

Somerville also has banned facial recognition software to protect its residents.


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