HomesecurityApps are removed from the Google Play Store due to ads

Apps are removed from the Google Play Store due to ads


Η Google has taken strict measures against applications in Play Store, who try by insidious methods to abuse its regulations. Earlier this year, it shut down Du Global, the Chinese developer with more than 500 million downloads in its 100+ apps, from the Play Store and the AdMob network because of annoying ads. Google has temporarily withdrawn from the Play Store and ad network of another developer - CooTek - the creator of the famous TouchPal keyboard, after a report that its applications were found to abuse rights and display annoying ads on devices Android.

Security Company Lookout revealed last month that 238 from the applications published by Chinese developer CooTek contain adware. Adware, called "BeiTaPlugin", has the ability to activate ads when the mobile is locked, unused, or when CooTek applications are not enabled. While the advertisements Running outside of applications clearly violates Google Play's ad policy, these ads are more annoying than dangerous. Many users have complained that they can not answer calls or use any other application "because of the persistent and widespread nature of advertising."

Developers tried to hide the add-on among other elements of the APK, naming it as something similar to the application, in order not to be perceived.

The revelation came in June and CooTek apologized for adware and uploaded new versions of applications in the Play Store. These applications have been accepted since Google has confirmed that they were safe. But in a rather later analysis by Lookout security company and BuzzFeed News, it was found that 58 from 238 applications that were removed in the past still have the malicious code.

CooTek denied the allegations in a press release, saying it "reviewed its applications and found no evidence to suggest these allegations. However, BuzzFeed reports that Google confirmed these findings, removing not only the 58 malicious applications from the Play Store, but also the company itself from its ad network.

At this time, CooTek's Touchpal apps are not available for download in the Play Store, but if you already have one of them in device you may be able to use it without difficulty, although it is not recommended.


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