HomesecurityIsraeli spyware was detected on Google, iCloud and Facebook

Israeli spyware was detected on Google, iCloud and Facebook

spywareAn Israeli spyware from NSO has been discussed in the last year. One of the most recent incidents is the disapproving of the application WhatsApp and use it to install spyware on both iPhone as well as in Android Appliances.

The current hack was revealed by the Financial Times. A report, published, states that technology NSO's Pegasus can steal all user data from their servers Apple, Google, Fb, Amazon and Microsoft products.

The NSO denies that it promotes espionage and hacking, but according to the Financial Times, "the company has not denied having developed the ability to do that".

An infected phone will provide NSO software with authentication features for all cloud services, including Google Drive, Facebook Messenger and iCloud.

NSO's Pegasus software has been described as one of the most sophisticated smartphone spyware. Phones can be violated to such an extent that they provide entry to the entire system, cloud services and everything related to them.

According to the Financial Times, Amazon argues that it has no evidence to suggest that a violation has occurred that would allow access to its systems. Facebook has also said it. However, he said he would check. Microsoft and Apple have said they are constantly monitoring and have created several security measures on their platforms. Google made no comment.

The NSO itself said: “We do not present or sell anything that could be used for hacking or for espionage. "

Violations of smartphones are a common phenomenon. Many have been found malicious apps on the Google Play Store, NSO WhatsApp vulnerability has been discovered, has been attacked, has affected WhatsApp and Telegram again and these days are released and Faceapp, for which a lot is heard.

However, hacking attacks at Member State level is a different and more serious case. NSO spyware promotes hacking between states and this is very worrying.

In May, Amnesty International, as well as some groups fighting for the protection of human rights, filed treatment in Israel, asking for it withdrawal of his export license software of the NSO. The teams reported that the software has been used by dictatorial regimes to track activists and journalists. It was also used by Saudi Arabia to monitor journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was murdered. The NSO denies that its software played a role in monitoring Khashoggi.

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