HomesecurityDo you visit incognito porn sites? Google and Facebook know the secret ...

Are you visiting pornographic sites incognito? Google and Facebook know your secret!

sitesAs we all know, in Internet there is no private Zoe. Our activities are monitored by various companies. This means that our visit to anyone website monitored. According to a study, conducted by researchers from Microsoft, Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pennsylvania, big companies such as GoogleThe Facebook and Oracle can monitor them users when visiting pornographic sites. The worrying, however, is that they can do this even when users use it incognito function, which is supposed to allow anonymous browsing.

Trackers on websites

There are many sites they use Trackers and codes to track user activity on the internet, their interests, and more. However, they do not inform users about the tracking. Sites track users either to show them specific advertisements depending on their interests, or for other purposes.

Users who watch porn on the internet are monitored

The researchers used one tool, known as webXray, and analyzed 22.484 pornographic sites. With this tool, can locate them Companies and sites that collect user data.

According to the results, about 93% of 22.484 sites were exposed to user data. Google was responsible for 74% of trackers, Facebook for 10%, and Oracle for 24%. In fact, it was found that the data were given to 7 other sites.

The researchers also used another tool, called policyXray. This tool was used to monitor the privacy policies of the sites. The researchers they noticed that users give permission to watch because they often do not have the ability to read their privacy policies.

Which data are exposed?

According to the study, pornographic sites expose data user, such as gender, sexual identity / orientation, and sex-related content.

The next time you want to watch porn on the internet, think about it! Big companies know your secret!


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