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Java and Python developers are asked for lack of skills!

developersFinding developers with skills in Java programming languages Python is becoming increasingly difficult in the United Kingdom. According to research, one is observed lack of skills, resulting in many Companies they can not find the right developers.

Harvey Nash's manager, David Savage, said his company discovered major skills shortages in data science and statistics. These sciences need specialized techniques and academic knowledge, so there are not many available professionals.

There is a great demand for DevOps and cloud skills in the UK, but unfortunately it's hard to find the right developers, according to Mr Savage.

Two-thirds of major technology companies in London (63%) report shortcomings. However, this number has remained stable in the last 12 months.

This means that pressure to find skills has relaxed in London, but the problem has worsened in cities like Manchester and Leeds. Some time ago, companies outside of London did not complain about their developers and their skills. Now, however, there is also the problem of lack.

In London, the sectors, which are mainly affected by the lack of specialized staff, are those big data / analytics (41%), DevOps (39%), and cybersecurity (35%).

Harvey Nash said that more than 16.000 is required across the UK experts for data processing.

Across England, about two-thirds of CIOs report difficulties in acquiring staff with the necessary skills, and all regions report a growing shortage, except for the Southwest. In Scotland, the percentage of CIOs reporting staff shortages decreased from 66% to 58% in the last two years.

It is not known why the demand for IT staff in London has stabilized, while in the surrounding areas it is rising. It may be due, in part, to the development of technology companies outside the capital. This is perhaps one of the reasons why demand has increased in those areas.


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