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Home security Microsoft: States attacked about 10.000 customers

Microsoft: States attacked about 10.000 customers

According to a Microsoft announcement, 10.000 customers have been targeted cyberattack, mainly due to countries such as Russia, Iran and North Korea. Tom Burt, vice president of consumer protection, said that 84% of the victims were Microsoft customers, and only 16% was not.

Burt still mentioned his concern about the fact that states seem to rely heavily on cyberattacks and use them as a means to achieve various goals.


In the blog published by Microsoft, 781 has been notified by organizations dealing with democracy and using one of its products, the AccountGuard. All organizations appear to have also been victims of cyberattack. Consequently, no one can guarantee that there will be no interventions in the upcoming 2020 elections, not even the officials of the administration Trump.

Russia, Iran, North Korea and China - are the main United States rivals in cyberattacks. Experts worry about how these and other nations are using cyberattacks to spy on businesses, invade voting systems, and watch citizens. Their concern is that they will use these methods to disturb it democracy.

Before we look at Microsoft's proposal in terms of securing elections, let us look at the attacks made by the countries above.

Let's start with Russia. In January of 2017, the FBI, the CIA and the NSA discovered that Russia intervened in the presidential election of 2016 and that the mandate came from high-ranking officials. It seems that the country was targeting 21 systems, but they did not manage to change the election result.


Last May FireEye, released information about social media accounts from Iran. These accounts deliberately represent American and Democratic candidates. Of course Facebook realized and closed about 100 accounts, pages and groups as well as 3 accounts at Instagram. In addition, recent reports indicate that Iranian cybercriminals place particular emphasis on preparing for attack on US businesses.

In December of 2017, according to statements by the US government, North Korea was behind the WannaCry attack. In this attack, hackers they used ransomware to infect businesses, banks, hospitals and schools in more than 150 countries.

Microsoft said it had a solution to the security of the electoral process. On Wednesday, he announced a functional version of the Election Guard, part of Defending Democracy.

The demo function will be as follows. First, a person can vote on a screen or use one Xbox, for those with limited mobility. Secondly, the voter will get a tracking code that allows the person to check if his choice was measured after the vote was completed. And third, the demo provides a printed record of voting, which can be used in a natural poll.

Microsoft will work with Companies technology to fine-tune this service.


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