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Bitcoin's fall by 10 billions of dollars!

Bitcoin encountered a major failure after his value dropped by thousands, leaving his digital currency price below 10.000 dollars. This fall, which occurred in the last 7 days, is more than a quarter of its original value. This stops his extended profit period currency from the beginning of 2019.

The fall in value occurred after Facebook's David Marcus appeared, asking questions in connection with the cryptocurrency of the company, now known to all Libra. Bitcoin lost almost 1.000 dollars in just one hour after listening, losing more than 10 billions of dollars out of its total value.


The price of Bitcoin is currently at 9.000 dollars, while at the beginning of the year it was at 4.000 dollars. Nevertheless, it is the price of 2017 that was almost 20.000 dollars.

During his appearance, Marcus spoke with some senators who informed him of what they themselves believed about Libra. According to them, it would be a mistake to trust his money on Facebook. Some have also argued that the company's digital currency could be used by criminal organizations to facilitate money laundering or even terrorist financing.

So the representative of Bitcoin David Marcus, rushed to announce through Twitter, that he is not going to start his cryptocurrency Facebook, unless all the problems that cause concern are resolved.


The objections of the legislators USA certainly have terrified a number of Bitcoin investors, which justifies the decline to some extent. Of course there are those who continue to welcome and expect it.

According to John McAfee, pioneer at cybersecurity, this fall is not worrying. In particular, he stressed that it is wrong to pay attention to weekly fluctuations. Mainly because in the last few months price gradually increasing.


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