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Elon Musk: His company is working to connect the human brain to a computer

MuskElon Musk aspires to link your brain to one computer in a safe and painless manner, like a simple laser eye surgery.

Yesterday, the company Neuralink, in which Mr. Musk has invested $ 100 million, explained the small steps that have been taken in this direction. Neuralink said it was a "sewing machine-type" robot that would be implanted in the human brain.

The company and Mr. Musk hope they will start working with people next year.

According to the company, this system will be able to read and write enormous quantities information.

The idea of ​​implanting one device in the brain, which will allow for rapid communication between people and computers may resemble scientific imagination.

So far we have seen it in movies and books.

On Monday, Neuralink executives stated that they need a lot of time to be able to offer such a service to the public.

We may be a long way from creating a brain-computer, but Mr Musk has already found one possible medical use.

Mr Hodak, chairman and founder of Neuralink, said that Mr Musk aspires that η technology of Neuralink can one day help people who suffer from serious illnesses. He believes that new technology will be able to help mutilated people to regain their mobility or to help people listen, speak and see.

To make the implant, holes should be created in the skull. However, the company hopes that in the future it can be done with a laser that will not cause any pain.

Neuralink plans to work with neurosurgeons at Stanford University and other institutions to conduct the first experiments.

Mice have already been tested and the results appear to be very good. However, some independent scientists have said that the results from the experimental animals may not be representative of the effect that new technology will have on humans. Testing should also be done in humans, to determine the effectiveness of this technology.

One of Neuralink's techniques is placing flexible threads from electrodes near the neurons.

The ability to get information from a large number of cells and send them to a computer for later analysis is considered an important step in improving brain comprehension.

The technique used by Neuralink is the introduction of a set of threads, which are about a quarter of a human hair diameter.

They can be inserted into different positions and at different depths. Depending on what physicians want to achieve, they can focus on different parts of the brain, such as speech, vision, hearing or movement centers.

The flexibility of Neuralink's threads is a major advancement in science.

However, the researchers of Neuralink will have to prove that the insulation of their filaments can survive for a long time in the human brain.

Neuralink will have enough competition. The Pentagon has funded investigations both for the basic brain sciences and for the development of robotic brain control systems.

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