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TOP 9 Web Hosting services to choose the one that suits you!

Finding the right one service Web Hosting is not a simple matter. A wrong choice is likely to cost you time and money. Regardless of its size company if you have a presence online you definitely need the right web hosting. Before analyzing the best services of this type, it is worth mentioning some tips about your choice.

  • Almost every case is what we say that you "pay you get". Especially if it's your personal one business and not for a hobby, saving this option may cause you problems in the long run.
  • The vast majority of web hosting vendors offer low prices at the beginning of their contracts. However, as soon as the first time has elapsed, pricing increases. Always search for the total cost of ownership.
  • Everyone can pretend to be a real web host while he is not. So, the best you have to do is look up contact information, the owner or how long the site works.
  • Consider the website creators as potential. Many times they offer very interesting alternatives.

Let us now look at the best web hosting options.

  1. InMotion Web Hosting

web Hosting

It's a respectable business that has been operating for 15 years. Provides capabilities that such companies additionally cost, including malware security, DDoS, email spam and basic system Backups. The overall performance levels of this business are well above the average and it is worth mentioning that a money guarantee is provided if it does not satisfy you.

  1. Bluehost Web Hosting

web Hosting

Bluehost is a Utah-based company in the United States and is part of the Endurance International Group (EIG). The company provides a website builder. Still has a very good customer support.

  1. HostGator Web Hosting

web Hosting

If you are looking for a budget budget company, then this is right for you. Provides 45 day money back guarantee, not to mention free transfers for young people accounts, within the first month of your registration.

  1. Hostinger

web Hosting

Hostinger comes from Lithuania and is one of the largest free providers in circulation. They have over 30 million users and some of the lowest prices thanks to the low operating costs and overhead costs. They prefer to use their own technology (for example, they have their own customized control panel, instead of the ubiquitous Cpanel), in order to have a more rigorous control over performance and features.

  1. GoDaddy Web Hosting

web Hosting

It's an ideal choice for small and medium businesses. This American company is one of the largest in the market and perhaps the most famous. The cheapest GoDaddy package is in the decent amount of $ 2,49 per month when you sign for one year. Another feature provided by GoDaddy is the ability to increase web hosting capacity on demand.

  1. Tsohost Web Hosting

web Hosting

There is flexibility here, as you can choose cPanel hosting or cloud web hosting. It is a UK service provider and is also an economical choice. Tsohost technical support may not be the fastest out there in terms of response times, but it provides clear and accurate answers to the questions being asked. Performance levels are also stable and the company offers a 60 day money back guarantee.

  1. Wix Web Hostingweb Hosting

This company includes website building service. Other features include an integrated image processor with type filters Instagram. Wix is ​​still a free choice, though it limits bandwidth and storage (at 500MB) and puts branding on your site.

  1. SiteGround

web Hosting

It is the best reseller provider. Each user receives 10GB disk space and admins site with cPanel. Its main features include spam filtering, free SSL encryption, daily backups and a complete CloudFlare CDN.

  1. Weebly Web Hosting

web Hosting

Weebly also gives you the choice of a free package - although it is also limited in the same way to 500MB storage. You will also receive ads on your site. So if you want to get rid of advertisements imposed by Weebly, you may need to get the original program with a payout that costs 6,80 dollars a month.

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