HomesecurityFalse Telegram on the Google Play Store infects your devices with malware!

False Telegram on the Google Play Store infects your devices with malware!

The Telegram is today the most feature rich application in the world. This is because you offer edge-to-end encryption and any other functionality you may have imagined. But it seems that some users are asking even more about the application. It was also found that Telegram is the favorite application of terrorists and illegal activities because it offers it safety and privacy they want.


As mentioned above, some users want even more than the Telegram. This desire led them to search for an application that offers even more functionality while remaining in the same service. Did we mess you up? Yes, there was a false application Telegram on Google Play Store which is considered unofficial client of the legal.

The reason for the implementation MobonoGram 2019 which offered so much extra possibilities from the legal Telegram which was installed by more than 100.000 users. Of course, as expected, this fake application infected me malicious code user devices.

If you have MobonoGram 2019 installed, uninstall it immediately. Since it was on the Google Play Store, it could only be available for it Android. However, it is worth noting that the app overcame the limitations of the Google Play Store even though it is one malware.

How did the application work? First of all, use code from the legitimate Telegram messenger. Afterward, added some scripts that were secretly running on the infected device to help loading addresses URL received by the command server. The creators of MobonoGram 2019, the developers of RamKal, already have update the application five times to hide the malicious code that was discovered.

Make sure you are careful with the downloads applications you are running on Google Play Store and do not forget to always do it Update your devices.


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