HomesecurityDeepNude's dummy copies of malware are distributed

DeepNude's dummy copies of malware are distributed

DeepNudeLast month, it was a matter of running the app DeepNude, which he created naked women photos. The application using images and removing women's clothes by using some algorithms. DeepNude is no longer available for λήψη, as the author himself decided to withdraw it on June 27.

However, there are still some copies, which are exploited by the hackers For the distribution malicious software. Their aim is to theft information. Scammers use as YouTube distribution platform. They try to attract the victims by saying that they can supply them with a DeepNude Premium Edition for Windows, Android and iOS.

The security researcher Frost discovered that hackers were targeting the distribution of malware, named after them Qulab, which was designed to steal information from the browser (history, credentials, cookies) and other programs (FileZilla, Discord, Steam).

The procedure is as follows: crooks are coming up soon videos on YouTube, which advertise DeepNude. In the description they include one link, from which the users are supposed to be able to download the application.

A small survey showed that the campaign began about a week ago. The last video, which included the malicious link went up on YouTube on Wednesday and has almost 1.000 views. The link leads to an Android app.

Of course, installing programs from unknown sources should be avoided. However, many are dragged down when they are given the opportunity to download a popular application for free. This is exactly what the fraudsters use and they use the malware distribution apps.

The DeepNude application was quickly withdrawn, but before that, it was a matter of debate and there were many negative reviews.

DeepNude stopped circulating for moral reasons. The creator announced on Twitter that despite the addition of a watermark to the result of photo editing, some people could misuse the app and hurt one's reputation.


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