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Facebook: Now you will see who sends your items to advertisers

FacebookFacebook has been accused many times of violating it private life of its users. In an attempt to improve this piece, the platform introduces one new feature, which will allow users to see more information on businesses that upload lists with personal information as well as with regard to advertisers, who use these lists to show targeted advertisements.

Users will now be able to see businesses uploading and sharing lists with user information such as addresses e-mail and phone numbers. Facebook claims to use a procedure that prevents third parties from seeing data identity and communication of users.

Beyond the companies that share the data, Facebook is revealing now, too advertisers, who use these lists of information to create your profile and send you ads that are close to your interests. Facebook has a list of advertisers who have shown at least one ad in the last seven days. On Thursday, this list included 57 advertisers.

Also, users will have the ability to see why a particular ad appears to them on Facebook. When users click the "Why I see this ad" option from an ad menu, they will be able to see more information. For example, they can see how they were linked to a particular ad and whether this information came from a previous visit to someone website or from a specific Facebook page.

On Facebook's "Ads Preferences" page, users can view this information and choose specific ad settings. They can, for example, disable ads, that appear based on data, received by third parties Companies. In addition, they can hide some ad topics.


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