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Disable automatic connection of your device to WiFi so it will not split you!

Have you ever been betrayed by your own mobile? If so, you will understand what we mean if you do not think so go for the first time in the house of a friend of your relationship and connect device automatically on your WiFi. Think not to want to hear notifications from MessengerThe InstagramThe Viber and because your mobile has been automatically connected, you can tap it. Think you've gone to one professional appointment and because WiFi is free, to automatically connect your device. Do not worry the thought that the prospective employer can look for you (this case requires the employer to be a bit "spelled")?


Below we report a recent incident where automatic WiFi connection was fatal for four young students as well ways to turn off the operation to keep your head calm.

Four Maryland students in the United States accused of vandalizing their commentary buildings with racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic words and images were identified because they were phones they were automatically connected to the WiFi network of the campus.

To access the school's WiFi network, students need to connect from their phones with unique ones IDs which will then be automatically linked whenever they are on the campus. OR Howard County Times said wi-fi was what helped to recognize the students involved.

Despite covering their faces with shirts to protect them from Security cameras, the four teens were automatically linked to the campus at 11: 35 pm on 23 May 2018, the night that the violations occurred. The security cameras show the four people to paint graffiti, swastika, racist and homophobic phrases and all the spaces.

As expected, teenagers were sentenced to social work and imprisonment for 18 weeks.


Ways to disable WiFi WiFi connection


The devices iPhone and iPad connect Auto-Join with every WiFi profile. When turned on, your device will automatically connect to the network when within range.

To stop it go to Settings> Wi-Fi and press the small one (I) next to the network name to find it Auto-connect button. Make it turn off to disable the auto-connect feature.

If you do not want to connect to any networks you have not previously used, such as an open network in a hotel or restaurant, go to WiFi settings page and disable it Ask to Join Networks. When you disable the function, you must manually select the networks you want to connect to.



To stop automatic pairing to your Android device's WiFi, go to Settings in Network & Internet> Wi-Fi> Wi-Fi preferences. Press the button next to Connect to disable the feature.

His choice gear / settings icon next to the network you are connected to, will allow you to delete the connection details so you do not automatically log in next time.