HomesecurityGoogle employees "listen" to Google Assistant recordings

Google employees "listen" to Google Assistant recordings


Whenever you use your Google Assistant to get answers to your questions or to run your daily tasks, you think you are the only one who has access to these conversations. However, what you do not know is that there are people on Google who can hear your conversations with your Google Assistant. A reference of the British broadcasting organization VRT News, revealed that Google Assistants' recordings on speakers and smartphones are transferred to Googlewhere her employees can hear them company.

VRT News has been able to listen to some of the recordings of people from the Netherlands and Belgium and was even able to hear the addresses of some people from the recordings. However, most worryingly, some recordings were made without having even activated their Google Assistant.

Those of her employees Google engaged in this field, use these voice recordings to improve speech recognition technology. According to the report, company employees take recordings from people around the world, which means there are many who can listen to your own conversations.

According to the VRT report, this violates the Google Terms and Services, as there is no mention that there are people who are listening to your recordings.

Google is trying to hide them personal information of users, by pointing to the numbers entries instead of the user's name. But the fact that the whistleblowers were able to identify the addresses and names of some people from the recordings cancels all the efforts made by the company about the anonymity of the recordings.

When Google was asked about the incident, it said it uses and transcribes only the 0,2% of the recordings and uses them to improve voice recognition technology.

This reference is indicative of the fact that despite Google's promises to maintain it privacy we can never be 100% sure that our personal data is safewhen taken by companies.

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