HomesecurityCan I block sites on my android device?

Can I block sites on my android device?

If you are a parent you know very well the love of the children for her technology. This has always been and always will be, since over the years the new generations that follow are more and more familiar with the technological creations, more and more connected with the devices that are provided to them. It is certain that the concern of parents and guardians - they should not be excluded - is how safe children are with the daily use of the Internet via Android phones. Is there a way to protect young children, according to their parents' beliefs?

The answer is that obviously there are and these are the ways we will analyze today!

The most basic step of all is, as a guardian of a young child, to decide what dangers you want to protect. Surely the first stage is to block sites that you do not approve through it Firefox browser. Especially when we talk about your personal Android devices, the process is very easy.

  1. Open Firefox and go to the three dots in the menu.
  2. Select Add, and then Search the recommended Firefox extensions on the bottom of the pages.
  3. Look for BlockSite from the search bar at the top of the page. Make Add to Firefox.
  4. You will see a pop-up window with permissions. If agreed accept the requested.
  5. Then you will be moved to the BlockSite menu. There you will block sites, simply by putting them URL site you do not want to appear on your device.

To be sure about the protection provided to your child, you might want to uninstall or deactivate different browsers that your device might contain.

If, however, the above procedure is a bit confusing you will be happy to learn that there is another solution. You can block sites through one Whatsapp.




  • That's it BlockSite is easy to use and helps you in blocking sites and applications. BlockSite has password security, so you can lock the app and sync it desktop and your Android.


  • Development Micro created the Cellular Safety & Antivirus program. With this you can provide on your Android online courses security, other than parental control. Parental control is unfortunately paid for, but you can try out the free 14 packet of days before you decide to buy it.

Another way to protect your child when using your Android is OpenDNS. This service provides reliable filtering and even children who can bypass procedures in this case do not. How does it work; By default, when you sign in with Wi-Fi, you use DNS server, but you can exchange it for OpenDNS. It will mechanically filter all inappropriate material. The problem with OpenDNS is that you can not use it outside the specified area of ​​your home.


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