HomesecurityMozilla: Unlawfully blocks HTTPS certificates from DarkMatter

Mozilla: Unlawfully blocks HTTPS certificates from DarkMatter

Mozilla said he did not trust the certificates from DarkMatter, blocking them from popular browser (FireFox).

Months earlier, United Arab Emirates-based DarkMatter has asked Mozilla to officially include its root certificates in Firefox certificate store which is a space in the browser dedicated to Certification companies that are trusted and certified to issue certificates HTTPS.


Mozilla and others browser manufacturers use this store to know which HTTPS certificates they will trust, thus allowing these companies to verify the identity of a site and to certify that the data that go to and from him is safe.

However, a malicious authority could allow encrypted traffic to be monitored Internet via fake web pages.

The DarkMatter has a history of controversial and illegal functions, including development malware and spyware used by monitoring companies. Many are journalists who criticize the company. Just a few weeks ago, Reuters reported that the company of the Emirates - which employs a former one hackers the US National Security Service (NSA)- it targets different personalities of the media and dissidents by order of the Arab monarchy.

Therefore, Mozilla could either accept the registration of DarkMatter as a certification authority or reject it based on the above. Of course, he chose the second one.

«Our primary responsibility is to protect people based on our products"Said Wayne Thayer, Mozilla Certification Program Manager. He added that DarkMatter poses a "significant risk to them our users».

Thayer added that although the two sides of DarkMatter's activity were taken into account, browser manufacturer mentioned a basic principle of the company - "η safety of individuals and privacy on the internet are fundamental and should not be treated as optional"- as a reason for rejection.

DarkMatter has not yet commented on the fact.


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