Password Alert: 72% of users are recycling passwords!

Password Alert: 72% of users are recycling passwords!

Password Alert: Users recycle the same password on average four times, according to a report ....
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Oakland: The third US city forbidding face recognition

Oakland, California, becomes the third US city that has decided to ban face recognition software from ...
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Apps are removed from the Google Play Store due to ads

Google has taken strictest measures against apps in the Play Store, which are trying with insidious methods to abuse their ...
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Israeli spyware was detected on Google, iCloud and Facebook

An Israeli spyware from NSO has been particularly discussed over the past year. One of the most recent incidents concerns ...
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RAT targets financial institutions and government agencies

Security researchers have identified a new campaign targeting financial institutions and government agencies with a custom version of a remote access ...
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Top 5 security apps for your Android device


In our time, its development technology and science, has provided several benefits to our everyday life. However, along with the positive ones, the negative comes as the same technology is used by malicious factors, to infect Appliances, steal information and data and to carry out a series of malicious actions. That is why it is our responsibility to protect our systems from all of these threats.

There are many false acts and scams that we see happening on a daily basis, such as false transactions with banks, theft credit card information, theft of personal data, location tracking, etc. To avoid this unpleasant situation, there are some applications that we can install on our devices to protect them.

1) AVG

a) AVG provides full privacy protection.

b) Protects your privacy with a VPN (public wifi, tracking data, etc.).

c) Encrypt your personal photos to be safe.

d) Protects sensitive applications by password.

e) Free from unwanted data (for cleaner phone).

f) Finds and secures your device (if stolen or lost).

2) Avast

a) Protects against viruses and malware.

b) Encrypts your connection to unsecure public Wi-Fi.

c) Lock your sensitive applications so you only have access to them.

d) Hides private photos in encrypted treasury.

e) Identify your phone on a map if it is stolen.

f) Removes unwanted files and speeds up the phone

g) Keep away annoying spam and unwanted calls - Super protection.

h) Scans Wi-Fi networks for threats.

3) Kaspersky

a) Protects your device from threats and more.

b) Offers award-winning security (From PCMAG.COM).

c) Protects access to your applications.

d) Excludes dangerous links.

Keeps your data safe (anti-theft protection).

4) Norton

a) Scans and removes applications with viruses, spyware and other threats.

b) Provides app risk assessment directly to the Google Play Store.

c) Scans apps from the Google Play Store before installing.

d) Shows what your apps do when you do not see them.

e) Enhances Wi-Fi protection to avoid spying on your online activity.

f) Helps protect multiple Android devices with a single subscription.

g) Award-winning proactive protection from Android apps with risks.

5) Jio Security

a) Protects your Android device from malicious applications.

b) Finds an Android device when it's lost.

c) Identifies your lost device on the map.

d) Scans the applications before downloading.

e) Identifies hazardous applications.

f) Informs you of the risk of an application.

g) Protect you from malicious websites when using your mobile browser.

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