HomesecurityApple co-founder proposes to everyone to delete Facebook

Apple co-founder proposes to everyone to delete Facebook

FacebookHer co-founder Apple Steve Wozniak has decided to delete his staff account on Facebook last year. Now, in a statement, he suggested to all people to follow his example. The reason why this decision was made is the incomplete protection of the private life. According to TMZ's statement, the platform does not take care of their privacy users. Instead, it violates it and collects information about them.

Wozniak said: "There are many different kinds of people. "For some, the benefits of Facebook are worth the loss of privacy." However, he says that he does not belong to this category of people and so he suggests to others, who have the same perceptions, to find a way to get away from Facebook.

Wozniak said he was very worried about the violation of privacy by technological ones Companies, but he does not know how he could stop it.

"They can know everything about you… I mean, they can measure your heart rate with a laser, they can hear you through various devices. Who knows if my cell phone is ringing now. "A lot has already been heard about Alexa."

"I'm worried because you have conversations that you consider private." Wozniak went on to say that people say different things that should not be heard in public, but they say them because they do not know they are being watched. The worrying thing is that there is no way to stop this.

Wozniak withdrew his Facebook account three weeks after the Cambridge Analytica scandal that broke out in March of 2018. It was a political scandal. Companies used Facebook user data to help election campaign by President Donald Trump, watching their moods and them behaviors of users in platform. Since then, Facebook has been accused of violating users' privacy many times, and fines have been imposed on it.

The solution proposed by Wozniak is to protect privacy, even for a fee.

"People think they have a level of privacy, but they do not. Why don't they give me the choice? Let me pay a certain amount and keep them data my private and safe", he said.

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