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Top 10 Best Anti-Spam Software to Get Inbox Clean (2019)

Anti-spamAnti-Spam software keeps your Inbox clean by preventing spamming emails. So, you can focus on the important emails without wasting time with the unwanted ones. They also offer security.

The hackers they often use emails to do attacks. Usually, they send emails with maliciously attachments. These are not easily understood. They may be in the form of an image, pdf or any document. If the user opens the attachment, his system will be infected with a virus. The goal of hackers is to gain access to recipient information.

The main spam filters in Gmail, the Outlook or any other mail service does not have many capabilities. It is very likely that spam emails will arrive in your Inbox.

However, there are many Anti Spam software, which can help you get rid of them. Below is a list of the best software:

1. SpamTitan


The SpamTitan is one economical solution for all the problems that you may encounter with your email. Could you try it for free. For personal use, it can be considered a bit expensive, but for businesses it is quite economic. Uses Bayesian algorithms and helps control the flow of emails in order to keeps Inbox clean.

The main task of Anti-Spam Software is the exclusion of all spam emails, viruses, malicious software, ransomware and malicious links. SpamTitan does all this and is very easy. It also has, sandbox, which helps secure control suspicious emails.

You can also put specific addresses on a black or white list.

2. SpamBully

Anti-spam tool SpamBully is very effective in preventing virus emails. However, it only supports Windows and does not work on smartphones. It is easy to install and works seamlessly with desktop clients like Outlook and other email services.

It has Bayesian filter, forbidding the entry of personalized spam emails in your Inbox. And here is the possibility of black and white list. Also, blocks email from specific countries and IP addresses, who are used to sending spam emails.

In addition, there is a filter that evaluates the "sensitivity" of the data. This setting is useful when you manage sensitive ones personally data.

3. SpamSeive


This anti-spam software works on Mac and iOS. Does not support Windows. It is compatible with IMAP and POP3 services, such as Gmail and YahooMail. It has Bayesian algorithms, blocking spam emails.

It has many features, therefore it is more complex than the previous ones. Unfortunately, it does not scan attachments for viruses and malware. But it checks for spam domains and blocks them effectively.

At the beginning, you can try it for free. It has no developer support, but there is a forum where you can ask anything.

4. MailCleaner

The MailCleaner is a perfect Anti-Spam software for any business. Turn it on directly to server your by changing the DNS from the ISP. Once this is done, everything is filtered and spam emails are removed.

There is also the possibility to install directly to your mail server and is compatible with Office 365 and GSuite.

The software is available advanced filtering systems. It can also find newsletters and block those you have not signed up for. You have the ability to choose to flag spam emails as well as the ability to delete them directly or send them to quarantine.

5. MailWasher Pro

This software is compatible with smartphones (Android and iOS). It supports Windows but is not available for Mac. It also has this Bayesian filter to detect malicious emails.

It supports all popular mail services such as Gmail, YahooMail and Outlook.

Furthermore, the mobile version is offered for free.

6. Barracuda Sentinel


The Barracuda Sentinel uses one multi-level approach to address spam emails.

It's a software Artificial Intelligencethat protects you from Phishing emails and other threats. Scans the inbox, gets information about the type of messages you usually receive, and based on these and other items (header, source, email structure) detects spam and blocks them.

7. Clean Mail Home

The software Clean Mail Home supported on Windows and Linux platforms. Unfortunately, it is not available for Mac and smartphones. It blocks all spam emails and you can try it for free for 30 days.

He gives it blocking emails based on IP address, sender's email ID, and country of origin. It also comes with me Bayesian filter.

This tool also offers a unique feature, called Challenge Question. If you are not sure whether an email you received is legal, you can send a special question to the sender. If you receive a correct answer, the email is considered safe, so you can open it.


It's a cloud-based software, which supports all email exchange services. You can also install it directly on your mail server. You can do that too try free for 30 days.

There are many filtering features and over 20 million policies, which keep spam emails away from your Inbox. You can also pre-approve a list of senders.

You can see spam emails in a special list. In addition, there is one checklist, where you can view and manage the stats account while you have it ability to restore canceled emails.

9. SpamBrella


This is an advanced software that is compatible with Gsuite, Outlook and Office 365. There is testable for 30 days. Comes with one antivirus, which controls malicious attachments.

It has too many filtersto effectively remove spam emails, and sandbox to check with safety suspicious emails.

Uses mechanical learning to detect fraud and encryptionso that intruders do not have access to the emails sent by this software.

10. SpamFighter

The SpamFighter is an anti-spam software for Windows computers. It is not available for Mac and Mac Linux, but using Outlook, you can get it for free.

It protects against phishing emails, identity theft and other scams, related to emails. Users can put some emails on the black list and block specific emails and domains. Comes with one unique language filtering tool, to block emails that are written in a specific language.


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