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Mozilla: Funding for Julia's programming language.

Mozilla, the free web browser known to all, is funding a project to transfer it Julia in Firefox and in general in browsers. As announced on Friday by the browser developer, this project is sponsored by Grants Mozilla Research, already half 2019.

This seems to be the purpose of the company. Already when the application submission phase for research grants was opened, Mozilla said it was in the process of adding scientific data and scientific IT tools. In fact, she said she was interested in receiving submissions about her support R or Julia at the navigation level.


R and Julia are programming languages. R is an open source programming language that allows the user to perform computational statistics and graphs. Julia is a dynamic programming language designed for high performance numerical analysis and computing power.

Previously, as part of this project, Mozilla's engineers transferred her interpreter Python to run on browser, using WebAssembly.

This work is called Pyodide. It's a Mozilla experimental program to record Python's scientific data that runs entirely in the browser.


Last April, Mozilla stated its willingness to use a research grant to support a team of developers who would join R or Julia in the browser via WebAssembly. The result would be a Firefox Plugin, similar to Pyodide.

Julia created 2009, 2012 has been publicly released and has gained enormous interest since then. He has risen rapidly to the ranks of the most popular languages ​​in the world.

In April, Mozilla's engineers also offered a grant to bring Tor to Mozilla Firefox to run a feature Super Private Browsing (SPB).

Finally, while there was no corresponding grant, Mozilla will initiate support for a research project on the study of performance and anonymity of protocols in network of Tor.



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